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Do you follow fashion trends? Do you immediately run to look for what is in fashion? Did you know that with the superpower of sewing you can recreate the latest fashion trend? And what if we recreate the trends for summer using the patterns from Sirena Patterns.

 Let’s start with the accessories. One of the strongest trends is large handbags, specifically the “totes bags”. For that we can use the pattern Madeline. The pattern comes in three different sizes. You can do this using fabric scraps you already have. If you want you can choose a fabric of the colors in trend for summer like hot pink or how about yellow. It’s a simple pattern and it’s done quickly. If challenges are your thing, use vinyl in a silver tone. It would be spectacular. Metallic colors have taken over the runway in 2023.

And if we talk about pants, the trend is relaxed pants, baggie style, with wide legs. That’s why we have Isabel pants pattern.  Although the pattern is long, you can make it like bermuda shorts, which is also in trend. You can use light denim fabric or, as we say in PR, mahón.

 The Isabel pants you can combine with the blouse Sitka using light denim or chambray. That is another strong trend, the “double denim”.

Another trend is the sheers.  You can use the pattern Juany and create a fabulous blouse that you can wear with a white tank top like the one in the pattern Nereida White tank tops are “in”. Another option would be to only make the sleeves with sheer fabric. And for the most risky, use the tunic in combination with the top of one of the two-piece swimsuit patterns. (Juliana, Stella, Tatiana, Gabriela) Who said that these patterns are only for making swimsuits? Use your creativity.

Relaxed dresses are very fashionable. I recommend the pattern Deborah. A pattern with simple and comfortable lines that you can make using natural fibers such as cotton or linen. Oh and it has pockets!

Ruffles are another trend for this summer. If you prefer knit fabrics you can use the pattern Nydia either to make a cute dress or a blouse. This pattern is also in plus sizes. If you prefer natural fiber fabrics such as linen or cotton, the option would be to make the blouse Sitka, the version with ruffles on the sleeves.

 Let’s not forget the trendy swimsuits. High-waisted bikinis such as the pattern’s Gabriela, stands out. Do it in hot pink and you end up with the “Barbiecore” look. Barbies are in trend. You can also use this pattern to recreate another trend in fashion, the swimsuits with “cut outs”. The pattern Valeria allows you to recreate another trend, long-sleeved swimsuits.

And yes, mermaids are in style. For the Sirena “look” you can use the pattern Taina.  Use a light fabric with a tie-dye finish type ombre and you have the perfect look. This type of tie dye is another trend of 2023.

  Let’s not forget about them. Utility or cargo pants are in trend. What better than the pattern Andrew with its cargo pocket. The advantage of this pattern is that you can make it as a bathing suit or as shorts. You can make pockets on both sides and also extend the pants pieces and make it long.

  And since summer leads to vacations, we cannot forget the “duffel bag”. In Sirena Patterns you have the Arlene Gym Bag.  This bag is not only for the gym, it also serves as a bag for a short trip without the need for suitcases. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your “fanny” for those long walks in which you want comfort and little weight. The Alex Fanny Pack pattern is perfect.

When you sew you can adapt fashion to your needs and preferences. Remember that with the power of sewing, the possibilities are endless. The Sirena Patterns are the basis for you to develop your imagination and creativity to the maximum.

If you want to get into sewing, Sirena Elite is perfect for you! You get one free pattern of your choosing every month and other benefits when you become a member.  Join today and enjoy two weeks free here

Article written by

Isabel Hernández

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