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At the end of 2022, for the first time, I planned what I wanted to achieve in sewing for 2023. Although I like to plan, I had never made an annual plan aimed at sewing.

 I was motivated by many things, including a challenge circulating on social media known as the “Make Nine Sewing Challenge.”  This challenge originates from the hashtag “#best nine” on the social network Instagram.  Through that #hashtag, people “post” the favorite photos of the year.   In the particular case of sewing, the challenge began in 2015, initiated by Rochelle de, with the goal of getting people to intentionally think about what they wanted to develop with regard to sewing.  Most of the sewing community that participates in the challenge does so by identifying 9 patterns of clothing or accessories that they want to sew during the year.  Mine was different, because I also incorporated more general sewing-related activities.  The reality is, the plan helped me a lot as a guide.  

I didn’t get 100% (as I like and usually demand of myself), but I didn’t do too badly either.  As a summary, I share with you my achievements and results for 2023:

Even though I haven’t finished everything, I feel more than satisfied with what I planned and achieved.  Even though I didn’t have it among my “make nine”, I ventured and did other things related to sewing that, without a doubt, helped to expand my knowledge.  In addition, I took three workshops and a class at Tommie Hernandez Academy.  Also, I took an online course with Whitney Luckenbill on how to fit and modify commercial sewing patterns. Ah, but if you ask me, what was my biggest accomplishment of 2023? Without thinking twice, it was fulfilling my dream of being able to collaborate and write a blog related to sewing. Sometimes, without much planning, things just happen. My thanks to Tommie for the opportunity!

 With the latent spirit of planning and after experiencing such good results, at the end of 2023 I planned my “Make Nine” for 2024.  This time I chose to create a visual board using “Canva”, inspired by Tommie Hernandez’s Academy Fashion Marketing class.  I strategically placed it in my sewing room to see every time I sit down to sew.  In this way, it not only inspires me, but also focuses, keeping in mind what I have set out to achieve.  

It is with pride and excitement that I present to you my #MakeNine2024:

 I started 2024 with enthusiasm and a lot of strength. So much so, that I already have 3 of my goals in progress, #1, #4 and #8.  Initially, #4 was just sewing a swimsuit, but my adventurous and daring spirit demanded even more from me. It turned into something bigger! 

 If you haven’t planned your sewing goals for 2024, there’s still time.  Remember, “It’s never too late, if the joy is good.”  Sewing time is time you invest in what you like.  In other words, you invest in yourself.  If you ask me, I would recommend starting with small goals.  Also, if you notice, some of my goals are simple like #3, #8 and #9, others are intermediate, and others are goals that will take me months to complete. The truth is that it is not the degree of difficulty of your projects that matters, but the desire to launch yourself into conquest! 

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Until next time!

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Article written by

Isabel Hernández

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