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Referrals Program Policy

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By participating in the Sirena Elite Referral Program, you’re agreeing to this policy, plus our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

Table of Contents

How the referral program works

If you have an active Sirena Elite membership, you can find your unique referral link here. Use this link on your social media, blog or share it via Whatsapp or text and when someone signs up using your link, you’ll get your $10. Payouts are sent via Paypal twice a year: Every June 1st and every December 1st. The Sirena Elite Referral Program is open to active paid members only. Your subscription must be active in order to benefit from the commissions.  Any accumulated commissions are lost if your subscription is canceled.

Do this

Use your Referral Link on your social media, blog or share it via Whatsapp or text. Send it to a friend who wants to sign up, or include it in your posts related to sewing.

Don’t do this

The following things will disqualify you from our Referral Program and may possibly cause us to cancel your Sirena Elite membership, including forfeiture of any previously earned Referral Commissions.

  • Sending email spam, or posting spam on social media, forums, or blog comments.
  • Using your Referral Link in popup advertising
  • Signing up additional accounts yourself using your Referral Link.
  • Signing up and canceling accounts multiple times using your Referral Link.
  • Using any Sirena Elite trademarks in a way that presents you as representing us in any official capacity.
  • Using your Referral Link on any web site that exists primarily to promote Referral or Affiliate links.


If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ section. If you don’t still have questions, send us an email.

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