Insulated Lunch Bag with a fully-lined interior, top carry handle and spacious interior for meals and snacks. You can easily fold down and throw it into your tote, backpack or luggage. Velcro flap cover. Lightly padded lining.


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SUGGESTED FABRIC: Crisp medium weight woven fabrics such as cotton Denim,Canvas and Twill. Also Thermal materials. Lining in thermal material. Medium weight non-adhesive interfacing.

FABRIC REQUIRED: 45” OR 60” wide: 1⁄2 yd (1⁄2 m) canvas or thermal fabric, 1⁄2 de yd (1⁄2 m) lining fabric,1⁄2 de yd(1⁄2m) insulated fabric , 1⁄2 de yd (1⁄2 m) non adhesive interfacing.

NOTIONS: 1⁄4 yd ( 1⁄4 m) Non- adhesive velcro, thread.

Digital Patterns

This is a digital pattern that you download and put together. Here is a video of how to do it: https://youtu.be/SVGDrqy4i-o

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