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marcas sostenibles
marcas sostenibles

Looking for sustainable fashion? Take a look at these brands

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When I go shopping I don't always have time to read each label to make the best decision regarding sustainability before buying. Having a list of brands that work from and for sustainability in Puerto Rico facilitates the process of looking for sustainable alternatives before making the decision to buy. Here I provide you with a list in alphabetical order with brands of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories, designed and manufactured in Puerto Rico within the sustainability framework, so that you can consider them as options before making your purchase decisions.

  1. AIDA: brand of “vintage” clothing, accessories and objects

  2. Aragma Swimbrand of swimwear and workout clothes made in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico


  3. Auralís: brand of sustainable resort wear designed and manufactured between New York and Puerto Rico

  4. Coco Swim PR : line of swimsuits and reversible bikinis made in Puerto Rico using ECONYL® (recyclable regenerated nylon) and printed with eco friendly inks

  5. Columpio Studio: fun and functional bags and hats

  6. Concalma: high-quality bags manufactured in Utuado, Puerto Rico

  7. Esther: children’s clothing that can be passed down from generation to generation

  8. Hilo – Hilo: brand of clothing and accessories in mixed textiles handmade in Puerto Rico

  9. Isleñas: handmade shoe brand

  10. Luca: handmade jewelry

  11. Marimu: inclusive resort wear brand

  12. Materia Madura: functional items made from coffee and banana waste 

  13. Muns: sustainable jewelry and clothing

  14. Primavera: brand of handmade bags and aprons using manufacturer discarded fabric

  15. Ridah: casual clothing (blouses, skirts, suits, pants) manufactured in Puerto Rico by pre-order

  16. Sally Torres Vega: blouses, pants and women’s dresses custom designed and made in Puerto Rico

  17. Vigo: versatile and reversible handmade swimsuits

  18. Yayi by Yayi Pérez: men’s and women’s clothing designed and made collaboratively in Puerto Rico

I encourage you to consider these sustainable options if you need to acquire clothing or accessories. If you know of other sustainable brands of clothing or accessories designed and made in Puerto Rico that you would like to see in this list, send a message with the information to

I also encourage you to join Sirena Elite where you will find a variety of craft tutorials using sustainable techniques and materials .You will also find a tutorial to sew the Sitka Blouse using sustainable materials with zero waste. To join Sirena Elite, click here.

Article written by

María Enid Rosa

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