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I am very happy to share with you my most recent sewing project, the pattern of the month of February 2023, the Juany shirt from Sirena Patterns. As soon as I saw the pattern I thought of the many combinations that can be made with different items of clothing and the variety of fabrics that can be used to create different outfits. I would wear the Juany shirt with jeans, dress pants, shorts, skirts, over a crop top or a bikini, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Sewing pattern and fabrics

The Juany pattern is a loose-fitting shirt for women, with a shirt collar and yoke with a stud on the back. You have two sleeve options: view A has sleeves with flaps and cuffs, view B has short sleeves. I made view A.

The fabric I used was a 100% cotton floral print fabric, a lightweight flat weave, non-stretch fabric. I used lightweight adhesive interfacing according to the pattern pieces that called for it.

Size that I used and adjustments to the pattern before cutting the pieces

I made a size small and trimmed it 2 inches to shorten the sleeve length.

Sewing the Juany shirt

Sewing the Juany shirt was very entertaining, interesting and attractive, once I finished one step, I wanted to continue with the next. There was a balance between basic techniques and techniques at an intermediate level. Following the steps explained in the instructions and the video tutorial were key tools for making the pattern in an easy and simple way. Step #1 is very important, sew ⅜” from the seam allowance with a staystitch, the edges of the neck of the front pieces and the yoke so that you have a good finish when you are sewing the neck. The stud on the back is an easy step. The burrito method in step #5, rolling the front and back pieces towards the yoke and pinning the shoulders, is extremely easy. Step #7 is another key step when I was making the sleeve flap and you will see that you will not have any confusion. Following the order of the steps was very helpful for me, they are easy to follow and I was able to make the shirt from start to finish. It is very important to iron when in the steps it tells you to iron and always remember to familiarize yourself with the glossary of terms that are very useful when making your sewing project. 

The moment a project is completed the joy you feel and saying “I did it” is very rewarding and priceless. At Sirena Elite you keep learning, you learn sewing techniques and the correct way of doing things. 

Check out other club members creations!

Go ahead and sew your Juany shirt! Let out the creativity you have inside! The members of our club will learn to make the Juany pattern step by step. As a Sirena Elite member you have access to exclusive tutorials, one free pattern per month and more benefits. Join by clicking here.

Until next time!

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