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A dose of creative inspiration: my favorite sewing vloggers

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I accept it, I am a fan of sewing “vloggers”, especially if they are “YouTubers”. I can spend hours watching and/or listening to them. A “vlogger” is a person who shares their opinions and facts about their life in video format. When they do so using YouTube, they are known as “YouTubers.” I think I started watching sewing channels in 2014, already a decade ago. It wasn't until a few years later that I started subscribing to the channels and following them weekly. Almost all of these “YouTubers” publish their videos weekly.

These channels are some of my favorite “vlogging” channels. On their channels they chat about sewing and general aspects of their life. They share what they sew, their favorite patterns, fabrics they buy, their plans, sewing tips, their sewing rooms, “sew along” and other details. Most of the channels are English speaking. Although there are many channels in Spanish, these are dedicated to tutorials and do not vlog.

@thehandmadeharriells – has more than 43,000 subscribers. Marcy and Rob are actors and are married. I love watching them! Marcy is an actress, singer and writer. Her husband Rob is also an actor and producer. Together they make you laugh with their jokes. Marcy sews almost all of her clothes and shares what she makes for herself and sometimes what she makes for Rob. She loves dresses and the African fabric known as Ankara. She also shares tips and some tutorials. Given their profession, sometimes they don’t have weekly videos.

@marisews – has over 5,000 followers. He resides in Maryland. Marisol de Jesús’s parents are Puerto Rican. I found out about the channel because it was mentioned on a YouTube sewing tutorial channel (@thougthtfulcreativity). Mari has a unique way of communicating. She shares her sewing triumphs and fails. She is very proud of her curves and promotes body acceptance regardless of size. She is the creator of the challenge: “Dress a Girl Around the Word”. She also makes leather bags and hats.


@costuverso  – Irene is Spanish. She shares her opinions on sewing, tutorials, recycling and decorating. He mainly uses scraps to share his ideas. It is one of the channels that I follow recently and it has almost 25 thousand followers.

@TodayinJensSewingRoom – Jen, with around 15,000 subscribers is the creator of the “hashtag”#fridaysews whose intention is to unite the sewing community. During that day they talk about the sewing projects they did during the week and also about life in general. She is a perfectionist in her sewing and never gives up if something doesn’t work out. She collects patterns and her favorites are those from Laura Ashley. She loves dresses and is an expert at thrift stores. It has motivated me a lot to make dresses. She reviews patterns and shares his opinion. Always ends all his videos with a biblical text.

@AndraMakes – Andra is talented and charismatic. Two of the things she shares that I like the most are her monthly video of how she dresses for church each Sunday and her series of sewing a piece of clothing from each of the last 10 decades. She also does tutorials and reviews of patterns and crafts and shares her opinion. I love his phrase “don’t judge a pattern by its cover”.

@AdamSews– this super talented Englishman sews everything, clothing, accessories, quilting and animal figurines. Adam loves Tula Pink fabrics. Participates in #fridaysews.

@TomKatStitchery – Whitney has over 33k followers. Her knowledge of sewing is extraordinary. She worked for a long time making alterations so she is an expert. This year he began teaching an online alterations course. She sews for herself, her twins, her husband and others. She shares what she wears and her seasonal wardrobe. Test patterns for various companies and evaluate them. She also does “sew along” and tutorials.

@TriBeccaDesigns – Rebecca is an upcycling and thrift store expert. Her pieces are spectacular and models them in a unique way. It’s a joy to hear it. Participate in #Fridaysews.

@MichelleSewsAgain – Has over 3,000 subscribers. Michelle learned to sew when she was in college, but she stopped and returned during the pandemic. She loves colorful fabrics and is an expert in ice dye. The fabrics she designs using this technique are a work of art. She likes sewing more with natural fiber fabrics. Participate in the hashtag #Fridaysews. She reviews patterns and shares her opinion. Prefers patterns from independent companies.

@LiftingPinsandNeedles– Karina Trinidad has more than 50 thousand Subscribers. She is Chilean and has lived in several countries. He resides in Brazil. She worked as a nurse-midwife. She has been sewing since she was a child and is an expert in sewing. Test patterns for various companies and evaluate them. She is an expert at hacking patterns in an easy but spectacular way. Does sew along and tutorials. She shares everything she sews and how she combines her pieces, and models them. I love the series on different fibers and how to work with them. Also those of different techniques to do the same thing.

@knottygnomecraft – has over 5,000 subscribers. In addition to sewing, she knits. She shares what she makes and how she styles it. She makes videos of how she dresses for the week, reviews patterns and shares his opinion. If something doesn’t fit or she doesn’t like it, she says it without problems.

@anmaree’sworkshop– Anmaree has about 2 thousand subscribers. She is a retired teacher and librarian and resides in Jamaica. Sewing and manual arts are her passion. Sew for her or as a gift. Start sewing the Christmas gifts in July. She models everything and shares it. She loves African fabrics. Participate in #Fridaysews. She is an expert in making reversible clothing and in August of this year she created the “sewing reversible” challenge on YouTube and Instagram. Share about her roots and family. If I ever visit Jamaica, I will stop by the Ping store where she shops and finds fabulous discounts and beautiful fabrics.

@FarrellFocus– Stephanie has over 18k subscribers and lives in California. She starts her videos with “Hello, Hello.” She loves stretchy fabrics, especially double brush poly. I love her joy. She does pattern reviews, tutorials, and shares about the fabrics she purchases. In addition to talking about sewing, she talks about her travels in the trailer she has. Participate in #Fridaysews.

@CreativiTeeByT – Has around 3,000 subscribers.  Talisha has an incredible ability to choose fabrics for her projects. She shares about what she sews and does pattern reviews. She also collaborates with other “YouTubers”. Her 5 piece or less series on patterns and Elevate with Ankara are very good.

 @ShereeThomas30 – Has more than 5,000 subscribers. On her channel Shereé shares about sewing and beauty. She does pattern reviews, shares the fabrics and patterns she purchases. She also collaborates with other “YouTubers”. She has a series on Ankara fabrics and another on summer clothing with @CreativityTeebyT.

@carmensalome – She has about 5 thousand subscribers. Carmen is Puerto Rican and resides in Florida. His videos are short but very good. Shares what she makes, pattern and fabric reviews. She also talks about diet and exercise.

@rochelle.handmade.designs – has more than 4 thousand subscribers. Rochelle works full time, but she sews a lot. I don’t know how she can do it. She has a series of dresses, jackets and others.She collaborates with other “YouTubers”. She loves Ankara fabrics and resides in Orlando, Florida. Makes pattern reviews. It is also the first to notify you of pattern sales and new patterns.

@lostmythread – Theresa has more than 6 thousand subscribers. Although she was born in the United States (EU), she moved to England and is married to an Englishman. She is a midwife, sews and also knits. During Christmas she makes “vlogmas” that I love. She does pattern reviews, shares the patterns and fabrics she purchases. She also sews to give as gifts. She has a series that I loved where she makes different t-shirt patterns and compares them.

@TIMAbyFK – Fatmata is from West Africa, but resides in the USA. She is very talented in the arts and is a counselor. If you like modest styles of clothing you should watch this channel. She sews the most beautiful dresses. She has an incredible facility for using fabrics with designs and combining them in a spectacular way. She also uses Ankara fabrics a lot. In addition she also combines parts of one pattern with another and ends up with some spectacular dresses.

@GloryAllan – has more than 220 thousand subscribers. He resides in Canada and is super talented. Although he is more dedicated to making tutorials than vlogging, he shares many aspects of his life while doing it. He shares what he does and has a unique way of doing it.

@RoseryApparel – Janelle has over 370k subscribers. She resides in Australia and dedicates herself completely to sewing. Design patterns and share about her process. In addition, she makes tutorials, and does a lot of vlogging. She shops at thrift stores and makes videos of her purchases. Share her inspiration, travels, purchases and plans. She loves the colors of autumn and fabrics with small flowers.

All of these channels are examples of people sharing with others their passion for sewing. For me sewing is a superpower. It involves taking one thing and turning it into something completely different. If you are interested in sharing your passion for sewing with others and learning new techniques, I invite you to join the Sirena Elite Sewing Club. You get one free pattern of your choosing every month and other benefits when you become a member. Join today and enjoy two weeks free here.  I assure you will not regret it and who knows, maybe you will end up being a YouTuber! 

Article written by

Isabel Hernández

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