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Those who know me know how much I love sewing. I started sewing out of love and over time it became my way of generating income. While I was in middle school, I already made ties with scraps of fabric, applying the *”zero waste”* philosophy when no one used that term yet.

While I was finishing university studies at the UPR in Río Piedras, I made promotions outfits from the dining room of my student apartment. One of my first projects was to make 100 promotional dresses for a liquor brand for a total of $10,000! And that was over 20 years ago. I remember that the first thing I did when I received the money was buy an air conditioner for my room. It was a great satisfaction to feel that I had earned that money with what I loved to do.

If you are considering starting to sew, or you used to sew, but you haven’t taken out the machine for years, I am here to share five ways in which you can make an extra income with sewing. Many of them are tasks that you can do during the nights or weekends to supplement your income and save, or simply to be able to treat yourself without stopping your financial commitments.

1. Custom fit garments for other people

You can take hems, fit at the waist, cut sleeves or any other type of alteration in a garment that is not made by you. It is a way to enter the business without needing too much experience.

2. Sell ​​accessories such as bags, handbags, cushions and other items that do not require taking measurements or fitting a person

 In our online store we have super easy-to-use accessory patterns such as the Madeline tote bag, the Alex fanny pack and the Kira stuffed animals.

3. Sew pieces wholesale in a factory or from your home

Maybe you are not interested in launching a clothing brand, but you can generate income by helping a local brand.

4. Make custom clothing or swimwear

There are people who are looking for particular items of clothing that they cannot find in stores and you could earn money by making their dreams come true.

5. Sell ​​your pieces wholesale to local boutiques or stores

For many years this was my main source of income. Having my workshop also gave me the opportunity to employ others and help them progress. One of my employees, a single mother, worked with me for 17 years and raised her daughters on that income.

Now it’s time to sew and make some extra money! Do you know someone who is curious about sewing? Share this article and help me reach more people!

If you want to get into sewing to make extra income, Sirena Elite is perfect for you! You get one free pattern of your choosing every month and other benefits when you become a member.  Join today and enjoy two weeks free here.

Article written by

Tommie Hernández

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