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As part of our environmental responsibility, it is in our hands to give a second life to pieces of clothing and/or accessories that have been discarded by other people. There are many benefits that can be derived from the practice of sustainability in the textile industry. We contribute to the local market, we reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, and we conserve natural resources such as water, which, by the way, are limited. Oh!, and a plus you will get to have a unique vintage style. What are you waiting for to take the first step towards a more conscious wardrobe? Here we share 10 second-hand clothing stores that you can visit and, by the way, take a little walk, why not?

  1. Electroshock: Electroshock is perhaps one of the best known. It has two locations; one on Loíza street, and another on Río Piedras, a few steps from the University of Puerto Rico. What can you find here? From the coolest clothes you can imagine, to jewelry and items like vinyl records.

  2. D’Occasion: Located in the town of Caguas, it is a small boutique where you can get very special pieces that will help you achieve a sustainable wardrobe. Purses, pashminas, shoes and pieces of local handicrafts. His goal: that no textile ends up in landfill.

  3. Closet Sustentable: Francheska Nazario, owner of Closet Sustentable, is an entrepreneur who wants to share with other people the importance of knowing the impact that textiles have on the environment. In his blog you can find very educational articles such as second-hand trade and others. Closet Sustentable is located in Bayamón, and now you can also visit their online store.

  4. Vintage Rack: Since 2014, Jade Tavarez has remained among the second-hand stores in Puerto Rico with the greatest presence. His store, located on Avenida Jesús T Piñero, has a wide variety of unique pieces. His clientele ranges from regular customers to renowned music artists such as Bad Bunny and Residente. Companies like Banco Popular de PR and Netflix have bought some of his pieces for productions.

  5. Vice Versa: With the idea that each object can awaken a sense of enthusiasm in each person, Carmen Miranda and Viviana Ramírez developed their own store concept: ViceVersa, located on Calle Loíza, in Santurce, promises to offer us a luxury experience, in a space where everything what you can appreciate is second hand. How do they manage to make it look like it just came out of a magazine? You’ll have to visit their store to figure it out!

  6. The Salvation Army Thrift Store: It may not be new to many, but it is always good to bring it to the list since there are thousands and thousands of items, clothes and accessories that end up in these stores and on many occasions, you will find unique objects.

  7. Johnny & June: This is the place for all those vintage jewelry lovers who want to make themselves known for their style and selection of accessories. You will want to visit this store very often.

  8. Guarda Ropa: Another good option, if you want to walk around the beautiful streets of Old San Juan, is Guarda Ropa, which is located on Calle de la Luna.

  9. Segun Damanito: If you prefer online shopping, Segun Damanito has one of the best options, since they publish photos of all their items and give you ideas to combine the pieces.

  10. Lyi Niyet Bazaar: There are other options if you prefer to visit the eastern area of ​​Puerto Rico. Lyi Niyet Bazaar is located in the town of Las Piedras, and offers a wide variety of styles as well as a space that simulates as if you were in your own walk in closet.

Thrifting is one of the best ways to build a sustainable closet and give extra life to pieces of clothing. Dare to try some of these shops! 

I encourage you to join Sirena Elite where you will find a variety of craft tutorials using sustainable techniques and materials .You will also find a tutorial to sew the Sitka Blouse using sustainable materials with zero waste. To join Sirena Elite, click here.


Article written by

Mariana Morales

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