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Hey there! We all need something fun to do in our spare time, am I right? Some enjoy gardening, others are all about sports, but for me, sewing is where it's at! Whether you're looking to stitch up some cute crafts just for fun or even make some cash on the side, sewing's got you covered. So let me share with you all the amazing perks this art has to offer. Trust me, after this, you'll be dying to pick up a needle and thread!

  1.  Reduces stress and anxiety: having a hobby helps you forget about problems and takes you to a world where all that matters is having fun and finishing the project.


  2. Allows you to change clothes to your liking and give new life to old pieces: we are unique beings and we love to distinguish ourselves. Something I love about sewing is the ability to personalize pieces I already have and transform them into something new! It gives us a sense of individuality and we can express our taste.


  3. Allows you to tailor pieces: if you are short, have a small waist or simply want to tailor a store-bought piece to fit you better, being able to do it yourself will save you a lot of money on repairs.

  4. You can show your personality through the creation of unique pieces: We all want to be different and stand out! What better way than to wear clothes that no one else has?

  5. We help the environment when we make durable clothing pieces: making good quality pieces to our liking and fit, results in not having to buy as much and helps not to promote fast fashion

  6. Fights depression: I have students who are going through difficult situations and as a consequence they fall into depression. I also have many testimonials from those students on how sewing has changed their lives, giving them a reason to get up in the morning to create.

  7. You can give gifts made by you: What is more valuable than giving away pieces made by your hands? You can use fabric scraps to make purses, bags, hair accessories, aprons, and more. This is how you take advantage of materials you already have and give away unique pieces.

  8. Helps self-esteem: Every time they ask you “where did you buy that?” and you can answer, “I did it!” it is definitely a boost for your self esteem!

  9. Improve the ability to focus: sewing requires attention to detail and patience so you will improve both.

  10. You can generate income by selling your creations or making alterations: sewing can not only be a hobby but also an opportunity to generate income. When the pandemic began, many people were able to replace their income by making masks. One of my students is a pet groomer and she ran out of income. Knowing how to sew allowed her to continue generating income even with the unexpected situation.

And to top it off! Sewing gives you happiness!

So if you haven’t started sewing yet, consider this hobby and enjoy the benefits.

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Article written by

Tommie Hernández

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